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Why some multiracial people have an advantage in online dating?

In the world of online dating, it turns out that certain groups of multiracial people, for instance, some pretty Asian Americans, are preferred over the white counterparts. That's the conclusion of a new study that challenges the neat racial hierarchy suggested by previous research, which indicated that white men and beautiful Asian women were the most desired partners, black Americans the least, and Latino and Asian people somewhere in between. Actually, over the years, based on many researches implemented, white men and Asian singles are the most desirable couples, more than any single racial group, even whites. Especially, with the emergence of some popoular online dating website (such as , people are inclined to be more direct and honest towards their dating partners. The findings — summarized in a briefing paper prepared for the Council on Contemporary Families by University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Texas Austin researchers — are being publicized ag…

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